2018 Color Trends: Transform Your Home With Paint!

Whether you want to enhance the enjoyment of your home or get it in shape for a quick sale, the right color scheme can make a world of difference. The color of the walls, the front door and other parts of your home are the first thing visitors see, and changing up those colors can enhance the beauty of your surroundings and even make your home more valuable.

Now that 2018 is underway, it is time to look at the color trends of the year. Here are some of the emerging color and decorating trends for the 2018 season and beyond.


Matte Black

You cannot go wrong with the beauty of black, and there will be plenty of matte black this year. Whether you prefer a modernist take on traditional decorating or a minimalist approach to revitalizing your home, you are sure to find plenty of uses for matte black along the way.

Matte black is the perfect shade for your bathroom vanity, but it can also be used to spruce up your den or reinvigorate your bedroom. Let your dark side shine and use plenty of matte black in your 2018 decorating.


The Beauty of Berries

From the blood red of the strawberry to the spectacular pink of the raspberry to the vibrant colors of the blueberry, nature provides the perfect color palette for 2018. Berry-inspired colors are everywhere this year, and you can incorporate them into every part of your home.

From the curtains in the kitchen to the linens in the bedroom, the beauty of berry can invigorate every room in your home this year. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the beauty of berries.


Pastel Green

Warmer and more interesting than its darker counterparts, pastel green is playing a big role in the color palette of 2018. This stylish color is perfect for everything from bathroom and kitchens to dens and living rooms.

If you are looking for a great way to make your favorite room pop, just add a splash of pastel green. Pastel shades are big now, and you cannot go wrong with the beauty of green.


Light Gray

Expect to see a lot of light gray this year, as decorators and homeowners let their style shine through. Like matte black, light gray is the perfect choice for minimalist design, but you can use this shade in any way you like.

The beauty of gray is that it compliments virtually everything else. No matter what shades you use, you can make them pop with a touch of gray.


A Pop of Yellow

Yellow is bright, sunny, beautiful, and a great way to accent your home. A set of yellow curtains in your kitchen will make the room pop, and a yellow throw rug in the living room will add brightness and drama.

Feel free to use as much yellow as you like; it just could be the color of 2018. While yellow is most closely associated with summer and sunshine, the color will bring a touch of warmth to even the coldest winter days.


Warm Browns

Earth shades are in for 2018, and brown is a favorite. The warmth of brown will bring a touch of color to every room in your home, so feel free to experiment and choose your favorite shades. By the time you are done, you will have a home you can be proud of.


Bright Blue

The 2018 decorating season is not all earth tones and pastels. There is still room for bold colors, and blue is the star of the show. Expect to see many vibrant blues, from brightly colored throw pillows in the den to stylish blankets in the bedroom. You will love blue, and so will your home.


The 2018 decorating season is finally here, and it is time to let your creativity shine. Now that you know which colors are in, you can create your own stylish color palette and enjoy the beauty of the 2018 season.