Fall Decorating 101

For many people, the fall season is the best time of year, and it is easy to see why. When the dog days of summer give way to the cooler nights of fall, there is a refreshing crispness to the air.

The autumn season is also the perfect time to decorate your home. The colors of fall are truly spectacular, from those ever-changing trees putting on a wonderful show to the subtle shades that make your home a wonderful place to relax. Here are some exceptional ways to welcome fall into your home and property.



Pumpkins are an important fall crop, but they are also wonderful decorative accessories for your home. Pumpkins are a great way to add a touch of fall to any space, from the windowsill in your kitchen to the mantel above your fireplace, to your front porch and back patio.

Pumpkins bring a touch of fall to your home, and now is the time to stock up. Whether you pick your own at the local pumpkin patch or pick up an assortment of shapes and sizes at the nursery, your home will be decked out in all its fall finery.


Autumn Leaves

The fall season is known for its changing leaves, and all those warm colors can make your home look its best. Whether you purchase an assortment of artificial leaves from the local craft store or pick your own real ones out of the backyard, there are plenty of ways to use this beautiful decorating accessory.

Start by scattering some leaves on your tabletop for a fresh autumn look. Your table will look better than ever, especially when it comes time for that Thanksgiving Day feast.

You can also place bundles of colorful fall branches, complete with an assortment of autumn leaves, in decorative vases throughout your home. A large vase filled with autumn leaves makes the perfect centerpiece, but there are several other ways to use these colorful and fall-friendly accent pieces.



Fall is back to school season, as your kids are all too aware. Whether your kids are looking forward to school or dreading it, chalkboard d├ęcor is as fun as it is practical.

Start by finding an old chalkboard, then set it up wherever you want. Once that chalkboard is in place, you can use it to communicate family schedules, homework reminders or even fun inspirational quotes. When it is time to change things up, all you need is an eraser and a fresh piece of chalk.



You do not have to be a home canning fan to enjoy the beauty of jars. You can put nearly anything in these stylish clear containers, so pick up a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and let your imagination run wild.

You can use your jars for practical purposes, or just have fun and be creative. From a jar-full of sand from that summer beach trip to a jar-full of fragrant coffee, the possibilities are nearly endless.



Normally you would not want cobwebs in your home, but decorative spider webs are an entirely different matter. With Halloween right around the corner, now is the time to set up those spooky cobwebs.

Fake cobwebs provide an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home for fall, and you do not have to take them down once the Halloween party is over. Just look for new and creative ways to use these fake spider webs; your home will look fantastic.


With a scant 26 characters at your disposal, you can create a whole host of messages, from inspirational phrases to timeless poetry. So, grab some removable letters and use the walls of your home as your canvas.

You can use these letters nearly anywhere, from stencils near the ceiling to fun messages in the living room to recipe cards in the kitchen. Just let your imagination be your guide and get ready to have a great time.


Blankets and Pillows

It will soon be time to break out the blankets, but these practical sources of warmth can also decorate your fall home. Blankets and pillows in bright primary colors, subdued fall hues, and other shades can perk up your home for fall and help you chase away the winter blues.


The fall season is the perfect time to decorate your home. As the days get cooler and the nights get longer, you will be spending more time indoors, so why not spend those hours getting your home in fall shape now, before the cold of winter arrives?